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Julia Johnston has taught French in secondary school and children/young adults with hearing impairment, acted, and now writes. Her play, ‘Touched’, for Edinburgh Fringe Festival, gained a 5* review from Three Weeks.


Julia Johnston



Grew up in the very north of England in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Number four of six—two brothers and three sisters, born within eight years of each other. Musical parents who immersed all their children in music and encouraged them to take an active part in its pursuit. All siblings played instruments and attended Catholic primary and secondary schools. Julia participated in acting, singing, instrument-playing, and gymnastics. Mother was French teacher and father, physics lecturer, so family benefitted from long summer holidays spent camping in Europe, particularly France.


After studying Music, English and French at A-level, Julia attended Manchester University, acquiring BA Honours degree in French, with Drama as a subsidiary subject. Gained Post Graduate Certificate in Education to teach French and Drama at secondary school. Later achieved diploma in Education of the Deaf and Level One and Two in British Sign Language.


After teaching French in Manchester, Julia lived in the US for two years, working for a law firm and acting. On returning to the UK, she worked in a primary school in west London, first in mainstream, then in a unit for pupils with hearing impairment. Was then employed as an advisory teacher for deaf children ages 0-19, supporting them and their famiies at home, school and college. Her time in London saw her continuing with acting and gaining an acting agent.

Moved to Cornwall in the south west of England in 2007, where she writes full time.


People (especially teenagers with challenging lives), teaching, speaking French, singing, playing piano and guitar, acting, photography, Art (especially modern), music (particularly house & garage, jazz, French impressionist, Bach, choral, guitar), poetry, architecture, cooking, walking in nature, gardens, the ocean, psychology, Feminism, natural therapies/nutrition, global politics, conservation, alternative ways of looking at things.

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