Thank you

Thanks for reading my book… or contemplating it.  I hope you will or have enjoyed it.

All feedback gratefully received.

Julia x

6 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Hi Julia,
    Just read your email about your book launch; we’ll certainly publicise it for you in school (Penryn College.) Happy to help out in any way. If you’d like to come in at some point to work with some of our Year 9 students (top set, perhaps) then you’re more than welcome (subject to the mandatory CRB checks, which I assume you have because you’re doing some school talks in London next week.) Having read the blurb of the book, this looks like a winner for our keen Year 9 readers. Let me know your thoughts.
    Kind regards,

    1. That’s great, Gareth. Thanks very much. I think I mentioned in my email that I indeed have my CRB certificate, so I’m ‘good to go’, as they say across the pond. I’ll be in touch after the launch and look forward to working with some of your students. All the best, Julia

      1. A wonderful book ! It has everything- – a really good story with great characters. All the threads of the plot are cleverly linked together so that we believe the story. It is full of humorous touches and witty language as well as some tear-jerking moments. A great read !

  2. I bought this book after reading the wonderful reviews and was not disappointed. Originally purchased for my 14 year old daughter who is a reluctant reader, I decided to read it myself first, and was so glad I did. It was an emotional rollercoaster of a ride but in a good way. Even though the subject matter is intrinsically sad ,the author is very sensitive and clever at interjecting humour in all the right places, when you as a reader, need it most. As a mother of teenagers the characters were very believable,the dialogue and banter between Oliver,Poppy and Kamal is clever and witty and sets the pace- the realism of the characters made me care about them all, and care what happens to them. My daughter is reading it now and I know she will enjoy it, as it’s just the right length and full of characters she can identify with,and even though she will shed a tear ,she will also LOL !.Please buy this book for your children but do read it for yourself-you will be glad you did

  3. Found an autographed copy of your book on line , how lucky was that.!
    Beautifully written , I loved the main characters and as the story unfolded, I laughed and cried in turn. Look forward to the publication of your next book.

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